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An approachable and quick-to-start career introduction
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Employment Service Division

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An approachable and quick-to-start career introduction

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In order to expand the scope of employment services, assist the public to get to know the professional world as soon as possible, and develop their career plans, we build the "Jobooks" website. The main features of Jobooks include:

  1. Based on 510 popular occupations, and the middle-lev­el classification is added to facilitate inquiries.
  2. Multi-category search program: popular occupation classification or standard occupation classification can be used, and keywords and standard occupation codes can also be used for query.
  3. Compile descriptions of various occupations, referring to many domestic and foreign career information networks, and taking Taiwan's working environment into consider­ation.
  4. Integrate the relevant information of the existing job introductions of various ministries, so that users can get job introductions, job descriptions, occupational competen­cy standard, average salary, video introduction and other information at a glance on the same page, and can directly link to the TaiwanJobs to check job opportunities and vocational training courses on the website.

In addition to career information, we build an informa­tion inquiry system, and also integrate multiple website resources (such as the Directorate-General of Budget,Ac­counting and statistics, which provides industry profiles, employment trends, salary trends, job opportunities, etc.). People who would like to learn more about the job catego­ries of Jobooks, please visit the Jobooks website.