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Helping Vulnerable Women to Get Back into the Game, WDA works together with NGOs

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Employment Services for People with Disabilities and Disadvantages Division

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For helping women to get back into workforce, combining with professional walfare organizations, The Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor (WDA) offered the tailor-made employment services to evaluate, create more incentives and further to find more opportunities for those employ-needed women. Through above mentioned ways to help vulnerable women to get back into the game.


The WDA were consigned to 15 organizations’ care to strengthen the preparation, adaption and even collaborates with social and political resources to eliminate the possible obstacles for those women to the workforce market. Counted to the end of this September, 689 people were assisted, 271 people of them were push to referral and 120 people were in the stable employment status at least for 3 months.


Those organizations are Taiwan Women Development Association in Taipei, New Taipei and Keelung, Foundation of Taiwan Industry Service in Taichung, Changhua and Nantou, Michael and Ark in Kaohsiung to assist and provide the employment services.


The WDA urge that employ-needed women such as low and middle-income women, middle age, person with disability, aboriginal women, immigrant women and family violence victimized women to make their first step to start the career. For further more information please reach to WDA branch in every parts of Taiwan or call 24 hr. free line “0800-777888”. Those mentioned organization above are also available to assist. The WDA will provide opportunities for the clients.