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Rules You Should Know before Looking for a Job
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     Many adolescents and new graduates will look for part-time/full-time jobs as the summer vacation and the graduation season arrive. Adolescents and new graduates should do three things before applying for jobs (3 Do’s) and should not do seven things during the interview (7 Don’ts) to avoid being drawn by fake job advertisements and getting trapped. Before applying for jobs, they should confirm the company information, including job descriptions; check whether recruitment advertisements are legitimate; and inform their family members and friends of the time and location of the interview beforehand, or ask them to accompany you. During the interview, they should not pay, buy, sign a contract, turn in ID documents, work illegally, drink, or apply for a card.

     The Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor has set up a section on TaiwanJobs for adolescents looking for part-time jobs. The section covers information on part-time jobs, labor rights, and counter-fraud skills. It also posts examples of commonly seen workplace traps, and lists related laws and regulations for new graduates or laborers who intend to find other jobs.