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Helpful MOL Sheltered Workshops Epidemic Stimulus Measures, Flexible and Easy to Use!
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    With regards to the media report today (July 1), “If sheltered workshops would like to apply for operation expenses subsidies from the Ministry of Labor (MOL), one of the operating conditions is to reduce the work shifts. However, reducing the number of work shifts would affect the work and income of the people with disabilities. Most of the sheltered workshops are not willing to cut work shifts thus, they cannot receive the subsidies from the MOL.” The MOL clarifies and explains as follows:

     In response to the upgraded COVID-19 epidemic alert affecting the operations income of the sheltered workshops, applying for subsidy does not include any condition to reduce the number of work shifts. The relief subsidies of the MOL for sheltered workshops are as follows:

(1) Operation Expenses Relief Subsidy: Sheltered workshops can apply for subsidy for lease and          rental fees of workshops, personnel expenses, expenditures and marketing expenses as                 announced June 3, 2021, with a maximum amount of $240,000 for each workshop,                           regardless  of having cut work shifts or not. As of today (July 1, 2021), 104 workshops have             applied for the subsidy and more than NT$20 million has been appropriated for subsidy                   funds.

(2) The Ministry of Labor continues to provide existing subsidies for workshop projects and other           related allowances (professional and operations personnel resources funds, funds for                       replacement of equipment, lease and rental fees, occupational training and counseling,                     and  administrative expenses). Subsidy funds for the year 2021 amount to more than                       NT$310  million.

(3) Subsidy for employees in the sheltered workshops: Workshop employees who have had                 employment insurance since April 30, 2021 with monthly insured salary less than NT$23,100           can apply for a labor stimulus subsidy of NT$10,000. Also if the workshop has reduced the               number of work shifts, workshop employees may apply for a wage subsidy under the Peace             of  Mind Employment Plan.

     The Ministry of Labor continues to pay close attention to the situation of workshops affected by the epidemic outbreak and help workshops alter their business mode to take-outs, delivery services or online shopping mode, improving product marketing. The MOL calls on the different sectors to support and purchase workshop products and services to ensure the continuous operations of sheltered workshops and stable employment for workshop employees. For related information, check the Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor website (Home/ Information/ Employment Service for People with Disabilities/ Information on Purchase of Sheltered Workshop Products and Services).