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Don’t Know Where to Go on the Spring Break? The Multi-experience Tours Are Most Interesting.
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Haven’t planned your tour for the upcoming spring break? The Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor, recommends the local attractions in Taitung and Miaoli which are hosted by the “Multi-Employment Promotion Program” and “Empowering Employment Program” organizations. Those attractions allow you to appreciate the beauty of nature while you enjoy a relaxing holiday and create a happy and shared experience.

The Beautiful View of the Mountains and Sea and The Sensory Experience to Remember.

Located in the most beautiful Duoliang Station, Sunrise Driftwood Workshop was originally started by driftwood artworks. With the popularity of Duoliang Station increasing and the establishment of a team through the Ministry of Labor’s “Empowering Employment Program”, many tribesmen have been attracted back to work in their hometown. They have established “Adidan Cultural Museum” (Adidan means “Friend of Land” in Paiwan), which not only introduces the local culture but also sells coffee and woodworking works. When you come to enjoy the beautiful scenery at Duoliang Station, you are also welcome to visit the nearby Sunrise Driftwood Workshop or Adidan Cultural Museum to make an unforgettable memory.

The West Mr. Brown Avenue Is Great for Family Photos

Leisure Industry Development Association of Xihu Township, Miaoli County, is developing the tourism and leisure industry through the “Multi-Employment Promotion Program” of the Ministry of Labor, which attracts young, middle-aged, and Elderly people back to work in their hometown. They plan the electric bus tours so that visitors could travel through various scenic spots of the countryside, especially the Mr. Brown Avenue of Miaoli Xihu version “The Golden Road I (Huanxiang Trail)”, which echoes the famous Mr. Brown Avenue in Taitung, is one of the famous scenic spots in Xihu, Miaoli Country. You are welcome to enjoy the idyllic scenery in Xihu during spring break.

The Ministry of Labor aims to build a partnership between the non-governmental organizations and government departments to promote the development of the local industry through promoting the creative, local, and developmental Multi-Employment Promotion and Empowering Employment Programs. These programs create job opportunities, help unemployed people rebuild their working confidence, and develop pre-employment skills by participating in the programs. It is welcome and expects the populaces participate together.