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Work is art " Job accommodation "
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Employment Services for People with Disabilities and Disadvantages Division

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In order to help physically and mentally disabled or middle-aged and older friends to eliminate work obstacles and stabilize employment, the Labor Development Department of the Ministry of Labor vigorously promotes the concept of "job redesign", and hopes to help reduce work restrictions through job analysis methods, and create mentally and physically disabled people and middle-aged people. Older people have a friendlier working environment.

   " Job accommodation " seems abstract, but in fact it is closely related to every friend who works in the workplace, such as matching different heights when working, adjusting the height of the seat, or thinking about simplifying the work process to make the job easier. Have already entered the art of job redesign!

 Therefore, when physical and mental disorders and middle-aged and older workers face inconvenience due to physical and psychological problems, they can use the job redesign service of the Development Department to provide counselling and counseling in conjunction with expert visits to help employers improve the working environment and working conditions in the workplace. Factors are eliminated to improve work productivity and efficiency and make it perform better in the job.

For the first time, the theme of " Job accommodation " will be exhibited in a physical way. It is expected that from January 9 to March 31, 109, the winning work of the Redesign Competition will be displayed on the first floor of the South Building of Xinzhuang United Office Building.

Relevant job redesign information can be found on the UNDP job redesign official website (website: https://jobacmd.wda.gov.tw/DJOB_WEB/).