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WDA Gives you the best spots for the New Year Holiday
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For the New Year holiday, Workforce Development Agency (WDA) recommends you to visit enterprises of Multiple Employment Promotion Program (MEPP) and Empowering Employment Program (EEP) in Hualien and Miaoli, which will bring you and your family a whole new travel experience.

Good Ideas from Places Like Heaven, Join Us Now

Please visit "I See Fenglin" when you come to Hualien. I See Fenglin has been engaging in placemaking and youth employment with the assistance of EEP to cultivate local experts. Events for the new years has been set up, they designed tour packages, arrange tour guides to narrate history, and host DIY activities of vegetable dye. Tourists can unleash their creativity with ingredients including plants like Mikania micrantha, common garcinia, shell-flower, marabutan, and common jasmin orange. You can design and dye materials like silk and cotton clothes to make your own distinctive art work.

Dress-up of ancient style is all the fun you need

Friends who are interesting in cosplaying with ancient style, please do visit the renowned "Dong Li Jia Fong Guest House" in Miaoli. The Guest House is a well-preserved ancient building, with the assistance like human resources given by EEP, they provide services like leisure trip, cultural guide and vintage catering. Every year the Guest House throws traditional wedding ceremony to carry on their tradition. The space is also suitable for drama setting, the famous TV series "Legends of Taiwan" often takes place here. Some staff of the Guest House are arranged as extras so that employment opportunities were created and income increased. The ancient dressing costumes are available for renting, tourist can take photos after they dressing up as they are making happy memories for their trip.