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The Implementation of the "ASD-CBA Project: Promoting APEC Innovative Caregiving through Digital Upskilling" in Response to the policy of “Digital Healthcare Initiative”
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The Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor, organized an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) workshop on 28 April in Taipei with the theme of “Harnessing New Trends in Health Caregiving." Domestic and overseas experts were invited to  hold cross-cutting hybrid discussions on technology innovation and integration of healthcare giving, digital skills utilization, and the competency of assistive equipment usage.

Taiwan is known for her reputation in the international medical field. In response to the national-level policy of promoting digital healthcare initiative, the WDA has been implementing “ASD-CBA Project: Promoting APEC Innovative Caregiving through Digital Upskilling” in APEC Human Resources Development Working Group Capacity Building Network (HRDWG CBN), and the project received APEC funding of US$35,000. By organizing this workshop, the WDA aimed to collect relevant information and practices in preparation of developing digital upskilling training package for health caregivers. 

The APEC project launched by WDA is divided into a three- year plan. In the first year, preparatory research is conducted to develop training package for health caregivers. For the second year, a training program on digital upskilling of health caregivers is to be held with participants from APEC member economies. In the third year, training program participants will be invited to share the experiences or best practices in relation to application of training package in their member economies.

By organizing this event, WDA is able to integrate relevant suggestions and recommendations through cross-fora collaboration and dialogue. If the training package is developed, WDA is willing to share the experiences with relevant stakeholders in APEC member economies to strengthen cooperation of industrial talent in the sector of health caregiving.