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The Winner of Million Dollar Is…“Full-Body Exoskeleton Robot”

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The first full-body exoskeleton robot in Taiwan appears in the “2th Million Dollars Makers Competition”! “Tai Mecha Lab”, the grand prize-million dollar fund winner, has the world’s best sensing technology. They created the robot on the use of rehabilitation and mobility aid. This new technology shows Taiwan’s innovative soft power to the world.


The Ministry of Labor (MOL) held the “2th Million Dollars Makers Competition” to encourage people to fulfill their creativity and practice ability. It attracted over 200s teams competed in the preliminary audition. Undergoing vigorous competition about half a year, only 15 teams stood out to the final, and the awards ceremony held in Ximen Red House on 30th of March. Apart from the grand prize-million dollar fund winner, the Best Creative Maker Award winner, “Spherical Motion”, developed the third-generation spherical motor. The Best Application Award winner is “33.3 R.P.M.”, designing the assemble vinyl record player, and “Fei-le-si Creative", the Best Market Opportunity Award winner, created the scales to provide the owner to estimate the weight of their pet of birds.


The MOL has dedicated to inspiring the creativities of our people and has set up six “Maker Bases” to encourage people learning new technologies and cross-field integration. The MOL also gives our people confidence to use the creativities to solve the social problems in order to a better life. The establishment of these abilities will help people escalate their competitiveness and bring more opportunities to make a splash in their work-field.


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Here’s the information about vMaker Base: Taiwan vMaker website (