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Minds on and Hands on – Right on the Maker Bases

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Maker Bases

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What is a “Maker base?”  Many people tend to solve problems on their own in daily life, or always have splendid ideas in their mind. So “Maker Bases” were born. The 5 reginal branches of Workforce Development Agency of Ministry of Labor, each of them runs certain Maker Bases with themes and features, are places setup for people who shows interests on hands-on work or tend to brainstorming and carry out self-learning.


Six Maker Bases around Taiwan were launchedone after another since 2015,providing machine equipments, using professional mentors, and idea-sharing with other social communities.  Each year, more than 1,000 interactive workshops and lectures of innovation and  entrepreneurship trends were held, which has been providing a wide range of high quality and sustained learning experiences for participants. Through the theme-based courses, people could deepen and broaden skills on working and accumulate energy to realize innovative ideas as well as promotes the development of cross-domain talents.


People who love working with hands and want to know about Makers can participate in the “Entrepreneurship Accelerator Event”held on Saturday, July 27 2019, on the 6th floor of Taipei New Horizon , to visit more than 40 groups of creative products made by Makers. You can interact with the Maker Groups, and must take a look at the excellent forums from venture capital professionals. For more information about maker or maker base, please visit Taiwan vMaker website (