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Foreign Workers Entry and Exit Inclusive of Airport Department All the Foreign workers' exit and entry, the Airport Department is always here to help

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According to the statistics of the Workforce Development Agency, the Taoyuan and Kaohsiung Airport Foreign Workers Service Stations provide more than 230,000 foreign workers' arrival guidance services in one year. In addition for pick up guidelines, they also provide regulations orientation, complaint and other services, assist Foreign Workers in solving various problems upon entry and exit and while working in Taiwan.

Arrival Pick-Up Guidelines for Foreign Workers

Cindy is from Indonesia, when she got off the plane, she heard the staffs of the Ministry of Labor spoke to her in her own familiar Native language, friendly guidance for checking, collecting their luggages and customs clearance, and telling everyone what to pay attention to while working in Taiwan, the service staffs accompanied them until the broker or the employer have arrived to pick them up, for the foreigners who first time arrive in Taiwan, they can feel at home.

Workforce Development Agency said case just like Cindy, foreigners who come to Taiwan for the first time, includes different countries such as Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, therefore they arrange bilingual service personnel starting from boarding gate, accompanying them all the way, and informed them the current laws. For example, the African Swine Fever Epidemic, the service staffs must be responsible for every foreign worker entering the country, inform them before custom clearance to discard any pork or pork products and agricultural products into the disposal box so as to avoid punishment.

Orientation Services Enable Foreign Workers to Understand Their Rights and Interests

Workforce Development Agency said that during pick-up process, they also arranged foreign workers to attend orientation services, more than 10,000 sessions are handled every year, with more than 150,000 participants attended. The purpose of this service is to let the foreign workers through film clips, quickly understand Taiwan’s cultural, employment policy and regulations, on what to be aware of while in Taiwan, and with 1955 Foreign Workers Consultation and Complaint Hotline, 110 and 113 for Helping Hotlines, so foreign workers will be more aware of their rights and interests and to avoid any violations.

Foreign Workers Could Complain Before Exit Service through 1955 Hotline

The airport is the last chance for Foreign Workers before leaving to Taiwan. The Workforce Development Agency said any related disputes must be resolved smoothly before the foreign workers leave the country. Foreign Workers Airport Service Station set up a bilingual service counter in the departure hall. If a foreign worker has a dispute with the employer or agent, and has not been resolved or has any questions to consult, asides from going to the Foreign Workers Airport Service Station, They can also call 1955 Foreign workers Consultation and Complaint Hotline, and will forward the case to the Foreign Workers Airport Service Station for assistance. The service station staff will assist and contact, and then refer it to the local governments for assistance.

Based on the statistics of Workforce Development Agency, through 1955 hotline, Foreign Workers Airport Service Station already assisted 400 to 500 complaint cases of foreign workers entering or leaving to Taiwan. Among the disputes are employment contract (such as forced repatriation, early termination and airfare) which is accounted for 31% of complaint cases, while wages (such as salary, overtime and savings) accounted for nearly 28% of complaint cases. These cases were assisted by the Foreign Workers Airport Service Station and have been properly handled.

Provides other services to employers and agents

Workforce Development Agency established 「Entry and Departure of the Foreign Workers Airport Care Service Website」( Aside from the employers and agents that can log in to pick-up service of foreign workers, there are also post the latest information and promotional videos on the website, forms that relevant of foreign workers entry and exit to Taiwan and others important contact information.