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Ministry of Labor Offers Full Services for Career Planning

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According to the Survey on the Employment Situation of Young Labor (15-29) conducted by the Ministry of Labor (the MOL), 51% of young workers had difficulty in finding their first job, 59% of whom were inexperienced and did not know which job they were suitable for. According to the Salary Statistics and Graduate Employment Website, 46% of university/institution graduates spent more than one month finding their first job and 11% of them spent more than one year finding their first job. To provide assistance in youth employment, the MOL has implemented employment promotion plans covering career counseling, vocational training, and start-up/employment services, helping youth plan and get ready for employment.

When providing employment services for youth, the MOL found that the biggest problem for youth in finding jobs was that they did not know whether the jobs and their competence met the labor market’s needs. To provide more thorough career exploration and counseling for youth, the MOL has recently established youth career development centers in Kaohsiung and Taichung and Jobtaole in Hsinchu, helping youth select suitable careers and get prepared for employment. To serve more young people,  youth career development centers are expected to be established in New Taipei City and Tainan City in 2018; in addition, a job card is being planned to help atypical youth finding jobs for the first time to evaluate themselves and plan careers. Professional evaluation and proof of work competence will be provided to facilitate employment. Starting from May 2018, five employment centers will perform a pilot run.

To remedy the insufficient skills of youth, the MOL has organized a variety of training courses for youth to attend based on their needs for career development. In 2018, popular training courses on precision machinery, IoT applications, cloud development and management, intelligence and robotics will be organized for 18,723 trainees according to the 5+2 Industrial Innovation Plan. Take 21-year-old Yi Hung as an example. He currently studies in Continuing Education Division, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology. In high school, he started his internship at a mechanical sheet metal factory. To advance his welding skills, he attended a pre-service training course - Comprehensive Welding organized by the Kaohsiung-Pingtung-Penghu-Taitung Regional Branch, Workforce Development Agency and obtained his argon tungsten welding certificate and a Class B manual welding technician license; later, he worked for Perfect Welding Technology Co. LTD. with a monthly salary of NT$40,000. Compared with his peers, Yi Hung has stood firm in the workplace. To continue advancing his expertise, Yi Hung attended the in-service training course - Semi-automatic Welding organized by the Kaohsiung-Pingtung-Penghu-Taitung Regional Branch, Workforce Development Agency.

For youth with creative ideas and dreams, on the other hand, the MOL has established five theme maker bases in Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung to improve young people’s ability to innovate and integrate in response to the global maker movement. The five themes are Smart IoT, Clothing, Smart Life, Agriculture, and Maker Education. Lecturers and digital devices are introduced to develop practical skills in trainees from different industries and guide the trainees to learn for themselves and develop functions. Maker bases also help youth commercialize and produce their works and accelerate the process of putting ideas into practice with integrated start-up/employment resources from public and private organizations. In the future, maker bases expect to introduce national players, who have participated in international skill competitions or received vocational training, to share their experience and inspire creativity. 

To set their career path earlier, youth are encouraged to take advantage of career counseling or occupational training courses provided by the MOL in their study. The MOL has set youth Employment ( on the website TaiwanJobs. Youth Employment offers a variety of services, including 505 types of jobs, career-related psychological tests, occupational training programs, part-time jobs, campus recruitment, and start-up loans. Youth may search for related resources in youth Employment, or they may visit employment service agencies during business hours or dial the 24-hour toll-free number at 0800-777-888 to make inquiries.