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Foreign Workers are not Drunk Driving, Keep Work Secure and Safe
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A vietnamese laborer Aliang (an anonym) drank with friends after work, rode an electric bicycle on the way back to the dormitory, due to excessive alcohol test, he was transferred on the basis of public danger and sentenced to 2 months in prison.  The Ministry of Labor abolished his employment permit, and let him leave the country after the execution of his sentence.

The Workforce Development Agency of the Ministry of Labor has stated that there have been more than 400 cases of foreign workers losing their jobs due to drunk driving.

Once drunk driving is sentenced, the employment permit will be abolished

The employer said that Aliang has been working in Taiwan for 10 years. He has been very trustworthy in his work, but he lost his job because he was not aware of the regulation. The employer said that the company has trained Aliang for many years and he has done well.  Therefore, the employer requested to give Aliang another chance to rehabilitate himself, so as not to affect the production operation of the factory.


However, the Workforce Development Agency said that once foreign workers violate the laws of our country, such as drunk driving involving criminal liability, the employment permit of drunk driving workers must be abolished, and let them leave the country within the time limit according to Article 73 of the Employment Service Law. The foreign workers must not re-entry Taiwan for work. 

But the above mentioned foreign workers after leaving the country according to law, the employer can apply for a recruitment permit to hire other foreign workers without affecting the quota and the rights of the employer.

In Year 2018, the employment permit of foreign workers were abolished for more than 400 cases due to drunk driving.

The Development Agency stated that the government is currently adopting a zero tolerance policy for drunk driving, and vigorously banned drunk driving.  In Year 2018, more than 400 foreign workers have been dismissed for their employment.

Foreign workers are mostly on the road with bicycles, electric bicycles or electric cars.  Although these vehicles are at slow speed, however, drunk driving is still illegal.  Once it is prosecuted or sentenced after being transferred, the employment permit must be abolished according to law, and be ordered to leave the country within a time limit.  It has a great impact on the right to work of foreign workers and the production operations of employers.  Employers should give more reminders and publicity to foreign workers.

Strengthen traffic safety advocacy; Foreign workers work secured

Due to different language, culture and living habits, foreign workers sometimes have no intention to violate traffic laws, and require employers and agencies to make more announcements. The Workforce Development Agency said that in addition to drunk driving, the more common general traffic violations include self-modifying vehicles, running electric bicycles while red light, and driving in the opposite direction.  In order to allow foreign workers to work in Taiwan safely, it is also convenient for employers and agencies to step up the advocacy of the Foreign Workers Act, the Workforce Development Agency has produced a one-hour film in mandarin and foreign languages of pre-employment workshop for foreign workers. 

It can be used on the " Information Website of Transnational Labor Rights Protection " (https://fw.wda.gov.tw).