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For New Graduates – 38 More Campus Recruitments Await You in May

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The graduation season is just around the corner. Did you find yourself a job already? To help young graduates make a smooth transition from school to the workplace, the Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor subsidized colleges and universities to organize campus recruitments and there are 38 more such recruitments to come in this May. It is estimated that more than 1,600 companies will take part, offering more than 35,000 job opportunities. We welcome all new graduates to seize the opportunities and get prepared for job seeking and employment.

The agency, in order to help the youth to get prepared for employment before graduation, subsidized colleges and universities to organize campus recruitments. 89 schools received such subsidies to organize a total of 94 campus recruitments. Participated companies will get to interview qualified youth in a rather short period of time. As for young job-seekers, what should they do to stand out from the crowd? Here are some tips:

  1. Prioritize the companies you want to be interviewed: before the recruitments, collect all info related to participated companies and the location of their booth in the recruitment activity. Prioritize them so that you may earn yourself more interviews in such a limited time.
  2. Dress yourself appropriately: dressing appropriately determines how you live your life. You may observe how people working in your ideal industries dress. Dressing appropriately will make a great first impression on your interviewers.
  3. Prepare a resume that is right for the job you want to apply for: spare the long descriptions. Instead, choose an organized and easy-to-read format. Give examples to show that you have the correct work experience and skills for the job you apply, or your experience of planning activities for the clubs you joined in school to draw more attention from the interviewers.
  4. Recommend yourself enthusiastically: you need to get to know the products and the history of the companies you are interested as well as the job duties and core skills required for these jobs in advance. During the interviews, show your understanding about the company and the passion to work in it when appropriate to earn yourself extra points.

To help youth get prepared for entering the job market, the agency combined all resources available at colleges and universities, subsidized schools to establish onsite counseling services, organized seminars for getting employed and company visits. Furthermore, 5 Youth Salons (YS) are established especially for youth throughout Taiwan. Students are encouraged to take advantages of the services these salons offered so that they may have a clear idea about their future career path, learn how to write a good resume, acquire necessary job-seeking skills, do mocking interviews and gain virtual workplace experience and get to know the current condition and development of the industry they choose; at the campus recruitments during the graduation season, the well-prepared new graduates will perform well and more confidently at interviews. For detailed info, please go to the website of Taiwanjobs (

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The youth participate in campus recruitment activities zealously to get prepared to make a smooth transition from school to the workforce.