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Stable employment seniors who are not afraid of transfer business after wave of "Recruiting" big easy, "leaving only" more important
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Employment Services for People with Disabilities and Disadvantages Division

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Every year around the Lunar New Year, it will set off a tidal wave of change jobs in the workplace, in order to stabilize within the organization of manpower, a lot of enterprises have long-term planning to stay only strategy in which older unemployed that is one of the key enterprises leaving only.

Smart employers to create a friendly workplace blue chip unit does everything he knows

Lao Dongbu Workforce Development Department by "import with the older unemployed blue-chip Award" in recognition of 12 blue-chip units in 107 years, these units either establish an internal system to arrange the actual field work, overall work atmosphere, etc., can feel for the aged and elderly workers emphasis within the centripetal force of employees strong, high stability, greatly reducing recruitment costs, the business also maintain high quality.

The Excellence Award was awarded Sigurd Corporation and 8more gold Industrial Co., Ltd., with operations optimization, process improvement, job redesign and flexible system, improve the elderly employee performance, stable company personnel transaction.

Seniors who are not getting older but better

Workforce Development Department says older unemployed because of years of washing, with a wealth of practical experience and contacts, solidarity and strong sense of responsibility, excellent stability, many advantages are needed for companies namely war force, through experience winners can be found in the older unemployed is definitely the best choice.

Make the best use of government resources more efficiently

Workforce Development Agency in addition to assisting the elderly employment through the public employment service agencies, but also to provide the subsidized employer grants benefits such as employment, workplace learning and re-adaptation plan, to encourage employers to hire older unemployed, Also, to enhance the effectiveness of the work of older unemployed, grants enterprises for job training, and provide the elderly job re-design services.