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1955 special hotline during new spring season remains open 24/7.

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New year’s time is a warm gathering holiday for the whole family. After meeting, foreign worker Shi-Shi got lost and therefore could not find ways going back to the dorm. She ended up with hanging around on the street in the cold winter.       Fortunately, with the immediate warm assistance through the 1955 special hotline, She could find ways going back home.

Through conference call instant interpretation, warm affection transmission made possible:

Shi-Shi met her friend from the same country during new year’s time. On her return trip, due to major delay, she could not return to the dorm. Also because of unable to communicate through proper language, Shi-shi became very anxious. Mr. Lin saw Shi-shi with anxious face, therefore called 1955 asking for help. Through conference call service, Mr. Lin understood Shi-Shi‘s concern and had helped her get on the right bus, going back home. Through 1955 special hotline and genuinely kind help, Sci-Shi had gained the warmness of Taiwanese people, and believed that this was the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan.

Providing whole year, non-stopped service:

Foreign workers who has been working in Taiwan all had language and communication issue, therefore, there are many  problems that should be assisted. The Labor Ministry has concern for all the foreign workers in Taiwan, so the Ministry established 1955 foreign workers consultation and filing complaint case service providing 24 hours, whole year, non-stopped bilingual service in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, English, Mandarin language. According to statistical count, 1955 has handled around 19 thousand calls throughout the whole year. During the Chinese New Year, foreign workers may call 1955 hotline regarding their labor rights and interests, living conditions and interpretation services.

Caring for foreign workers:

There are altogether nine days in new year’s time.  During the holiday season, foreign workers can arrange trip going outdoor or work for overtime. 1955 special hotline provides 24 hours, whole year non-stopped service. During spring season, 1955 provides service to the foreign workers, employers, brokers regarding the living conditions, interpretation service and extra work days consultation service. Hopefully, this will bring foreign workers a wonderful year.