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Creative Ideas Become Businesses? Ministry of Labor Invites Experts to Elaborate
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 To help makers carrying out their creativity to business and integrate the required resources, Workforce Development Agency (WDA), Ministry of Labor (MOL), held the "Start-up Accelerators: Entrepreneurial Match vMakers" at Taipei New Horizon. The event welcomed experts to moderate a focused discussion. More than 25 on-site groups of vMakers displayed their works, provided opportunities to exchange consultations, and enhance cross-domain cooperation for those interested in topics such as makers, entrepreneurship, fundraising, and mass production.

  The WDA provides equipment, space, professional teachers, and community exchanges through the vMakers' bases to cultivate a public, general competency to innovate and practice. In this way, people can learn cross-domain skills, develop various proficiency, and expand their career paths. Also, we encourage people and accelerate their start-up businesses. We help them to realize, try, design, test, and then associate entrepreneurial consulting and counseling, loan, and other services through the vMakers' bases of MOL to accelerate their start-up businesses. 

  For more information on news, new techs, and events of Vmakers, innovation, and start-up topics, please stay with us and follow our vMaker website (https://vmaker.tw/) and Facebook fan page.      

  To connect youth entrepreneurs and careers, MOL launched "Youth employment investment." It provides industry trends, career planning, skill development, and employment services to meet the youths' periodical employment requirements. You can find out more by visiting the "Youth employment investment" webpage on TaiwanJobs  (https://reurl.cc/Znql76) or dial-up our free charge service line: 0800-777-888.