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Do charity without effort in Lunar New Year Festival

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Lunar New Year Festival is coming. The Workforce Development Agency (WDA), Ministry of Labor has been collaborating a lot of shops offering local jobs and sheltered workshops. These organizations launched diversified products and tours. You can do charity while supporting them.


The Tour in Sing-Chen Community is a Must-Try


Hsinchu County Baoshan Township Sing-Chen Community is known for its high-quality sugar cane. Part of its income is used to carry out elder care. It also invited young people coming back to their hometown to promote the “Sing-Chen Brown Sugar” brand. Through the creativity and enthusiasm of young people, it set up the network platform to enhance exposure and marketing channels. On the other hand, these young people can serve as community tour, help product sales and experience travel. The community not only helped the disadvantaged people to work in the hometown, but also created opportunities for local creation. There are attractions like “Sing-Chen Food and Vegetable Garden”, “Brown Sugar Museum” and “Huanshu Camping Area” for visitors.


Buy at Ease in Sheltered Workshops


The products from the sheltered workshops are safety guaranteed. Every disabled staff makes all-out effort in each process. While Lunar New Year is coming, all sheltered workshops in Taiwan meticulously release New Year’s product like year dish from Children Are Us Foundation. Welcome everyone to purchase actively.


WDA promotes “Multi-Employment Promotion Program” and “Empowering Employment Program”, which had finished more than 10 thousand innovative projects with the cooperation of organizations including above examples, over 140 thousand unemployed people got jobs, and boosted the employment of middle age and elderly, aboriginal people, involuntary unemployment, and women.


For more information about the New Year’s products and tours: Gofun website (, and the goods can be browsed by mobile device :

For information on the products of the sheltered workshops, please search the Facebook with "Mind Point":