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New Graduates Listen UP! Job Fair by TaiwanJobs Kicks Off Now!

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The third quarter is the busy season for job seekers.  Targeting this peak hiring season for new graduates, Taiwan jobs under the Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor has invited more than 30 companies from the high-tech industry, travel and restaurant industry, and wholesale, retail and education services to participate in “The 2017 Online Job Fair for New Graduates”, offering job vacancies that require no or little job experience.  The fair will be held between August 21st and September 21th, 2017. New graduates are encouraged to seize this opportunity and submit their resumes for the jobs they are interested in.

To help young friends find their ideal jobs, Taiwanjobs holds a special online job fair that lasts for a month and has the participation of employers from the traditional manufacturing industry, high-technology industry, restaurant industry, and travel and leisure industry, including famous companies listed on the stock exchange such as Wowprime, Kinco Optical Co., Ltd, Taiwan Land Development Corporation, San Fang Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., and KuoBrothers as well as companies such as Evergreen Resort Hotel (Jiaosi), Farglory Hotel, Threewell Inc., RT Mart, FamiPort, Hi-Life, offering job openings for R & D engineers, operations management trainees, store manager trainees, beauty therapists, wedding planners, or servers in restaurants.  Those seeking jobs should not miss this opportunity!

Employers taking part in this event offer many job vacancies targeting young job seekers and requiring no or little job experience, with good salaries and benefits.  For example, Wowprime has announced 30 vacancies for store manager trainees at “Hot 7”, Mos Burger has activated its store manager trainee program, providing a complete training system that allows trainees to learn how to manage and run a store and become professional managers; Kinco Optical Co., Ltd is offering jobs to optical-related engineers with salaries between NTD 35000 – 45000 plus NTD 2,500 per month for rent/transportation allowances.

The common problem for young job seekers when seeking jobs is “they don’t know what job is right for them.” To help solve this problem, the online job fair provides a link to “Jobooks Encyclopedia” to help  job seekers identify the jobs they are interested in, the key skill requirements and average salaries.  However, the Workforce Development Agency would like to remind young job seekers that because they tend to have less job experience, normally they won’t get high salaries at the beginning.  They suggest these young job seekers make best use of the training resources offered by the government.  For example, they may receive vocational training and take skills evaluation to improve their competence.  For more detailed information, please go to www.taiwanjobs.gov.tw or call the 24-hour & toll-free hotline at 0800-777-888, let our staff help you!