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Vocational Trainers Requested Training Courses from MOL

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Vocational Qualification and Skill Assessment Division

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(Hsiao-Han, YU of CNA, 26 June 2017, Taipei) In order to equip officers or management trainees of training units that will undertake government vocational training or talent cultivation programs, the Ministry of Labor (MOL) launches this year the “Training Project Officers” program comprising a series of training courses on basic competencies.


According to Workforce Development Agency (WDA), MOL, the human resources of vocational training units or companies responsible for vocational training should also be equipped with the competencies to plan vocational training courses. MOL thus launches this year the “Training Project Officers” program comprising a series of training courses on basic competencies.


The “Training Project Officers” program will start with the “Environment Analysis and Strategy Planning” course for participants to acquire internal and macro environment analysis, strategy planning, target setting, marketing planning, budget planning, and resources allocation through simulated case study. This trains the participants to be ready for planning, analyzing and target setting work, WDA said.


By extending the simulated case study, the “Project Assessment and Planning” next will equip participants with competencies including learning resources allocation and sources feasibility assessment, and the determination and management of interested parties. This course aims for participants to ensure that training courses are planned to meet the demands through resources integration and the interested party participation.


Lastly, the “Project Management and Monitoring” course will enable participants to acquire audit point setting and internal audit management, anomaly handling, and personnel management by objectives, so that participants can fully apprehend the process of project analysis, planning, and implementation and acquire the field experience in planning education and training projects, WDA has added.


According to WDA, after completing the summative evaluation and meeting the competency requirements, participates will receive three certificates of completion and the iCAP certificate of pass and completion. “The iCAP is granted to participants who have met the quality requirements of competence-oriented training courses and are equipped with the ability to plan vocational training courses,” added by WDA.