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Women Reappears in Workplace, Subsidy for Employment Resources

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【Female Labor Rate Trend

During the past 20 years, the educational attainment of women has been improving. Employment opportunities in service industries have increased and under the measures of the government to implement protection for females, the female labor rate has made its initial breakthrough reaching 50% since 2012 and has been showing an upward trend every year.

【Employment Service Act Promoting Re-employment for Women Going Back to Work

To earnestly assist women to go back to work, women who because of family reasons have pulled out from the labor force for more than 2 years, have been included by the Employment Service Act as the recipients of the government’s commitment to promote employment and are recognized by public employment service agencies as women seeking re-employment. In the year 2018, the Ministry of Labor Workforce Development Agency has successfully helped 17,685 persons find employment and rejoin the workforce.

【Employment Resources Subsidy to Assist Women Seeking Re-employment

    The Workforce Development Agency conveys that public employment service agencies offer various employment resources, including transportation allowance, temporary work allowance, jobsite training and an allowance for adjustment to work. To promote re-employment for women, free vocational trainings are given and a living allowance for the period of vocational training is provided to allow them to undergo training without any financial burden. For women interested to start their own business ventures, a special project also provides business consultation, course counseling and pertinent information on employment and creating new ventures. For inquiries, you may check on the Workforce Development Agency official website (

 Women seeking re-employment are invited to visit and seek assistance from more than 300 employment service stations located nationwide. Touchpad service system available at convenience stores may also be used for inquiry services or call the 24-hour toll-free service hotline 0800-777888.