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  • Publish Unit:Planning Division
  • Date of inspection:2024-05-30
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Unveiling the Inaugural Issue of Worker Magazine: Showcasing the vibrant, creative, and courageous young generation!


This issue features 6 articles:

1.【Topics in Focus】Smart Ways to Navigate the Final Mile of Job Seeking; Finding the Right Direction is More Important than Hustling Tirelessly

2.【Character Spotlight】Overcome Unexpected Setbacks, Wipe Away Tears, And Strive Forward with a Learning Spirit to Double Your Salary!

3.【Character Spotlight】Unsure Whether Your Dream can Sustain You? Discover How to Pursue Your Interests, While also Feeding Yourself.

4.【Business Insights】How Companies Located Outside Urban Areas and Without Prominent Products Can Fulfill the Top Three Concerns of Young Job Seekers?

5.【Community on Spot】Breathe Life into a Century-Old Three-Section Residential Compound with Youthful Energy

6.【Community on Spot】Discover the Beauty and Skincare Secrets in the Xingang Community of Yong-An District, Kaohsiung City

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