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  • Publish Unit:Cross-Border Workforce Management Division
  • Date of inspection:2023-06-20
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The most common way for people to apply for foreign caregivers or foreign workers is through foreign agency agencies. In order to provide the public a reference for choosing agencies and to promote the development of the labor market. The Ministry of Labor has conducted annual appraisals of foreign labor agencies since 2007. The results was released at the Ministry of Labor, Labor and Development Department website.

The website is listed below for everyone: (

You may choose the best match for you through the conditions: counties and cities in the country, the introduction of foreign workers in the category (family, career) and the rating of brokers and other conditions; also search a qualified agency through a visual-friendly map searching system.

Labor agency is not only a channel for employers to recruit workers but also serves as a bridge between employers and foreign workers. The good service ought to allow foreign workers to quickly integrate into life in Taiwan, but also helps employers avoid illegal acts.