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APEC Skills Development Capacity Building Alliance Project
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APEC Skills Development Capacity Building Alliance Project 

  1. The agency is the domestic administrative unit of CBN within APEC’s HRDWG, and serves as the leading international coordinator. Facing the new southern policy, APEC Skills Development Capacity Building Alliance (ASD-CBA) was launched in 2016, hosting a series of domestic and international forums and conferences, using Taichung-Changhua-Nantou Regional Branch to establish the first APEC Skills Development Capacity Building Center which serves as a vocational training center for Asia. The results have been included in the speech of the representative of our national leader and the declaration of APEC’s annual leader.
  2. The project aims to create a platform for international cooperation. It promotes collaboration between target nations of southern policy, units under APEC, economic bodies, and departments within ROC’s central and local government, industries, public associations, and academic fields through international forums. The project endeavors to enhance ROC’s administration and combines it with APEC projects, promoting domestic economic development strategy with resources from international organization, and fostering the economic growth of Asia and its talent.