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EnglishChinsese vocabulary
National Pension Plan「國民年金」制度
1955 hotline1955 專線
6 major trends: aging population, high mobility, low border boundaries,high hypotheses, low tangibility, high humanity,low limitation,high environment concerns, low labor,high water cost, low crude demand2015 Taiwan Vision Plan
Benchmarking 21st Century Skills21世紀技能之評量標準
Engineering Education Enforcement Enthusiasm4E
4 merging Smart Industries : Cloud-computation,Intelligent automobiles, Intellectual green Buildings, IP4項新興智慧產業
Cross-domain, Cross culture, Cross-region, Cross-language,Cross-department, Corss-border5 cross-domain capability
APEC ConceptAPEC 概念
OECD conceptOECD 概念
Training Information Management SystemTIMS
Training Information Management SystemTIMS
Techficiency Quotient CertificationTQC財團法人中華民國電腦技能基金會依員工職務別所規劃之整合性認證
Talent Quality-management SystemTTQS
WTO conceptWTO 概念
X-Rays PictureX光照片
Radiography view InstrumentsX光照片觀察用具
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