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Makers' Million-prize Competition started, Ministry of Labor Calls for Submissions
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To encourage proactive maker spirit and drive new trends in the future industrial labor force, the Ministry of Labor (MOL) held up the press conference for initiating the annual "Makers' Million-Prize Competition" in 2021 which has been lasting for 3 years and took place in the Social Innovation Lab on 24th February, sincerely calling for citizens to team up and join this competition. Any start-ups established within 2 years propose with innovative products can join the million-prize competition with a total bonus of NTD 2,400,000, submission ends on 30th April.

The Makers' Million-Prize Competition values the significance of creativity and practice, without any limitation. The competition is with two phases of preliminary competition and final pitch. The preliminary competition will take place at Makers' Bases of regional branches respectively, teams that goes to the final pitch will be rewarded with NTD 20,000 and a 15,000 grant of material expenses. In addition, the resources of Makers' Bases and professional advices are available for teams to carry out products and commercialization proposals.

General regulations for Makers' Million-Prize Competition and event information are available on vMaker website (https://vmaker.tw/). If you have any questions, please call (07)727-7207, or email to twmaker2021@gmail.com for further services.