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How do you choose the right agency for your working holiday?
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Dear friends, would you like to launch your dream of a working holiday abroad? Here are precautions for you to take when choosing a working holiday agency! First of all, always make sure that the agency has set and announced their general regulations, which should include the basis for charges and refunds, pre-departure notice, overseas emergency contact, consumer dispute handling process, etc. The agency should also inform consumers of related risks, help them understand overseas regulations, and remind them to take out commercial insurance.


For more information, please visit the website of " National Overseas Employment Resource Center Employment " of the Ministry of Labor (https://overseas.taiwanjobs.gov.tw/). For information on “Directions for Working Holiday Agency Services”, please refer to the following website (https://overseas.taiwanjobs.gov.tw/Pages/Detail.aspx?nodeid=258&pid=4774).