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How do companies and firms recruit talent? How do I register for talent recruitment?
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  1. Companies and firms may register at TaiwanJobs (www.taiwanjobs.gov.tw) and input information on talent recruitment without paying any fee. If people are interested in jobs offered by companies and firms, they may contact companies and firms directly, or the system will send the matching notice automatically.  After registering at TaiwanJobs, companies and firms shall click “Agree” to input basic information and fax the business registration certification or related documents and the proof of labor, health, and employment insurance to the customer service center (02-77335388). After the information is verified by the customer service personnel, the companies and firms will become members of TaiwanJobs.
  2. In addition to online registration, companies and firms may register talent recruitment at nearby employment service agencies or by fax.  First-time applicants are required to fill out a talent search registration form, attach a copy of the business registration certificate and fax the information to the employment service agency. The employment service personnel will provide the information on talent recruitment for job seekers or contact employers by phone if there are suitable candidates. Employers will arrange an interview.  For the talent search registration form, visit Workforce Development Agency (www.wda.gov.tw) or TaiwanJobs (Find a Job/Employment Policy/Form/Employment Service) or call the employment service agency. The employment service personnel will fax the talent search registration form to employers.