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What are qualifications for unemployed workers applying for pre-service training organized by Workforce Development Agency? How to apply for pre-service training? Is there any fee during the training?
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  1. Qualifications: Unemployed workers aged 15 (inclusive) or more and having an intention to work but lacking professional skills.
  2. How to apply: Apply online (website: https://www.taiwanjobs.gov.tw/Internet/index/CourseQuery_step.aspx), in person, or via telephone, mail, or fax. 
  3. Training fee:
    1. Pre-service training is fully subsidized.
    2. For general applicants, external pre-service training is 80% subsidized; for the following applicants, external pre-service training is 100% subsidized:
      1. The unemployed stipulated in Paragraph 1, Article 24 of the Employment Service Act:
        1. Persons who financially support families alone
        2. Senior or mid-aged persons
        3. The disabled
        4. Indigenous peoples
        5. Persons with working capacity but from medium or low-income families
        6. Persons who are long-term unemployed
        7. Re-employment for displaced women
        8. Victims of domestic violence
        9. Pre-habilitated ex-convicts
        10. Other persons qualified for this purpose as deemed by the central competent authority
      2. The unemployed who are disadvantaged:
        1. The insured of employment insurance
        2. Foreign and mainland China spouses
        3. Victims of sexual assault
        4. Victims of crimes
        5. Victims of transnational (cross-border) human trafficking
        6. Nationals without household registration
        7. Stateless persons
        8. Persons affected by trade liberalization
        9. Self-reliance juveniles
        10. Victims of major disasters
        11. Other persons having economic difficulties as deemed by the municipal or county (city) government or entrusted social workers and having an intention to work
        12. Persons aged 65 or more
        13. The insured of trade union, farmers' association, or fishermen’s association insurance and qualified for one of the abovementioned 21 identities