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Enhancing Human Resource Performance through the Occupational Competency System Online Tool…..So Easy

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In order to make occupational competency application more convenient, the Workforce Development Agency (WDA), Ministry of Labor developed the “Occupational Competency Model tools” which was officially launched last 31st of July, 2019. By typing keywords into the tool, users can easily search for multiple work tasks for occupational competency standards and occupational competency standard units. It is the most effortless way to combine the information gathered into a new occupational competency model to assist the unit in developing and designing Competency-based Training Program, work instructions and other multi-applications. If you want to quickly apply occupational competency to enhance the efficiency of human resources, use the Integrated Competency and Application (iCAP) Platform now!
As of July 31, 2019, the WDA, together with the National Competent Authorities for Business Objectives, has developed 454 items of occupational competency standard and 2,522 items of occupational competency standard unit. The information was published on the iCAP platform to assist training units and enterprises in using occupational competency resources for planning and building the occupational competency models as the basis for Competency-based Training Program, talent recruiting and selection, and job description.
In the practice of human resources development, we are often faced with the problem of not knowing how to open a suitable talent specification and provide the right kind of education and training needed. Through the occupational competency resource reorganization and analysis, we can produce occupational competency models that can help people master the work content of key positions, find out the talent training gap, further recruit the right talents, and handle effective education and training.
In order to make it easier and faster for users to apply competencies, the WDA has specially develop the “Occupational Competency Model tools”. Through keywords, we can search for work tasks of various competency resources and quickly combine the corresponding work outputs, behavior indicators, knowledge and skills through system tools to produce an occupational competency model of the key position. Taking the search for a marketing personnel in the current job market as an example, human resources personnel want to conduct training courses related to the recruitment and planning of marketing planning personnel. You can use this tool to input keywords related to marketing (such as marketing, advertising, etc.) and search for relevant occupational competency resources to re-select the required work tasks according to actual needs, recombine them into customized competency models, and export editable files. The output occupational competency model can be used as a requirement for recruiting job vacancies. It can also be used in the planning and development of education and training courses, linked with the key competencies required by enterprises to enhance the effectiveness and quality of education and training.
Want to enhance the competitiveness of talent through occupational competency applications? We welcome you to the use of “Occupational Competency Model tools”. At the same time, the WDA has a series of assistance measures and various resources such as curriculum development guidelines, sample descriptions, trainings, consultation, counseling and financial assistance to assist interested companies or institutions. Related information can be obtained from the iCAP platform (