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Performance shown in talent training Great achievement on improving quality Online application for TTQS services in 2018 is open now!

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The “Talent Quality-Management System” (TTQS) promoted by the Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor is the only national training quality certification system allowing the participating units to examine their own training system and to realize the development of their internal talents. There have been more than 9,000 units introducing TTQS into their companies since it was first promoted, meaning that it is deeply affirmed by every community. In 2018, TTQS services are estimated to launch in April, and the units intending to participate can apply on the TTQS website.

TTQS provides three kinds of services, which are evaluation, consulting, and educational training. First of all, the trainees can obtain relevant knowledge and understand the introduction method from the educational training. After having the basis, the trainees can use the consulting service to arrange for consultants on the spot to assist the unit with implementing TTQS in the training system. Last, the trainees can view how well the evaluated unit reaches the standard in the evaluation items of TTQS via the on-site evaluation of the service and by following the requests of the index.

Chun Yuan Steel Industry Co., Ltd., located in Taipei, was established in 1965 with 1,500 employees, and has steel plate, special steel, automated warehouse, construction, and other departments and reinvestment companies to provide domestic and international clients with the best services. Since TTQS was introduced into the company in 2006, the training quality of the company has gradually improved over past 12 years. In the beginning, it was awarded the bronze medal, and later the silver medal. It was awarded the gold medal in 2017. The strategies reflecting human resources also have had a great performance, for example, the vacancy percentage of the officers has been lowered by 10%, the retained rate of employees has risen by 4%, the annual cost on hiring employees has been lowered by approximately NT$ 2 million, and so on. All the above indicates the constant improvement after introducing TTQS, which can effectively improve the operation performance and competitiveness of the company. Moreover, the almost self-sufficient training method of the company, which is to have the internal lecturers in the company teach, also decreases the training cost by 91%. Those units wanting to improve their training quality are welcome to apply for the services on our website to obtain the annual resources. Please inquire for more information on TTQS website. (