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Hiring Subsidy and Award Support for Employers - Boost the Confidence of the Unemployed.
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To encourage employers to provide job opportunities to unemployed workers, the Workforce Development Agency of the Ministry of Labor offers hiring subsidy and award measure. Employers who hire unemployed workers referred by public employment service agency will receive a subsidy of up to NTD 156,000. Enterprises and companies, please go to the public employment service agency near you and register for recruitment.

After graduating from the food and beverage department at his senior high school, Xiao-Hui had always wanted to land a job to improve his family’s financial situation. Yet, he wasn’t sure what job to look for and knew nothing about the job market or workplaces. That was why he was rather unconfident when having job interviews. Xiao-Hui then decided to seek help from the public employment service agency near his home. The employment specialist, after discussing with him, knew that he was willing to work as a packing worker on a production line, and he wanted a job close to his home. The specialist, based on his requirements, explored the available job vacancies, and utilized the hiring subsidy and award measure to refer Xiao-Hui to work as a product packaging worker at a medical equipment and goods factory near his home.

Even after being employed, Xiao-Hui was worried that he would become a burden to the company because of his learning abilities, and still doubted whether he could do the job, but the employment specialist was always there for him and encouraged him. Xiao-Hui has been working there steadily for one and a half years. Now, he can operate three machines at the same time and do the model calibration, and can even assist or teach new employees. His performance is approved by his employer, which boosts his confidence in his work. According to his employer, Mr. Lou, thanks to the resources introduced to the company and the assistance from the employment specialists at the public employment service agency, he can recruit the right people and improve the employment stability of his employees.

       According to the Workforce Development Agency, to help underprovided unemployed workers get hired, employers may apply for hiring subsidy and award in all public employment service agencies. Employers, who hire specific types of workers unemployed for more than 30 days (including senior and middle-aged persons, people with disabilities, and indigenous people in Taiwan; ten types in total), or unemployed period extends continuously more than three months, may apply for hiring subsidy and award. According to the types of hired individuals, an employer will receive a subsidy ranging from NTD 9,000 to NTD 13,000 per person every month for up to twelve months with a total amount of up to NTD 156,000. If enterprises, companies, or individuals would like to know more about the hiring subsidy and award measure, please call our 24-hour free hotline 0800-777-888 and our staff will provide the information you need. You may go to the website of Taiwan Jobs (https://www.taiwanjobs.gov.tw/) as well, or go to the public employment service agency near you.Hiring Subsidy and Award Support for Employers - Boost the Confidence of the Unemployed.