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  • 發布單位:Cross-Border Workforce Management Division
  • Date of inspection:2024-06-18
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  • Work content:Take care of daily affairs for people with disabilities or diseases.
  • Qualifications of employer and people needing nursing:
  • Employers (applicants) and people needing nursing should have one of the following relationships:
    • 1. Spouse
    • 2. Consanguinity.
    • 3. Relatives by blood within the third degree of relationship.
    • 4. Relative of the first degree by marriage.
    • 5. Grandparents and granddaughter-in-law or grandparents and grandson-in-law.
  • Qualifications of people needing nursing:people needing nursing who apply for a foreign family care worker should meet one of the following two qualifications.
    • Qualification 1、A person needing nursing receives a professional assessment in a designated “Hospital evaluates the application for the employment of foreign worker for home care” and obtains the diagnosis certificate of requiring 24 hour care issued by the medical team with the assessment results in line with the one of the following circumstances:

      1. The person needing nursing is under 80 years old and needs daily care.
      2. The age of the person needing nursing is between 80 to 85 years old with a serious need for care or daily care.
      3. The person needing nursing is over 85 years and has a mild need for care.
    • Qualification 2、Except those holding the Handbooks for Physically and Mentally disabled issued by the municipal or county (city) social authority, the people needing nursing also have to meet one of the following criteria of specific or severe disabilities.

    • Specific physical and mental disorders
      1. Balance dysfunction
      2. Intelligent barriers
      3. Brain-damaged
      4. Dementia
      5. Autism
      6. Chromosomal abnormalities
      7. Congenital abnormalities
      8. Other birth defects
      9. Mental illness
      10.Limb disorders (limited to two illnesses of motor neurons or Parkinson's disease; however, those who have already employed foreign family care workers are not included).
      11.Rare disease (limited to motor neuron disease; however, those who have already employed foreign family care workers are not included).
      12.Multiple obstacles (having at least one of the above-stated 11 physical and mental disorders)